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Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is the foundational program for Reaching/Teaching/ Caring/Multiplying ministry of the church.  It is the church organized to develop biblical community, discipleship, ministry and evangelism. 

Our small group bible studies are a place of strength, knowledge, belonging, prayer and service. As Christians we should seize every opportunity to grow in our faith and grow closer to others in our church. It’s where faith and life connect!

Kids Bible Study helps kids see how the whole Bible points to Jesus.  Fun extras like art, videos, music, and activities to keep your kids engaged every week.

Kids need Bible teaching, even when the church is not available so we have a site named Rightnow Media (click here to register)  completely free.  Rightnow Media has thousands of Stories from the Bible, Worship Videos, teaching videos and much more and Rightnow Media is a free gift to you and your kids.  You will not receive any correspondence from the Church or Rightnow Media.  If you really like Right now Media please contact us and tell us what your experience has been like.